All About The XLine Dubai Marina — Facts, Ticket Price, Contacts, Safety etc

All About The XLine Dubai Marina — Facts, Ticket Price, Contacts, Safety etc

Get trilled to the born, goose bumps cladding you as you scream instinctively along the XLine Dubai Marina (XDM). The cable game, billed as the world’s longest urban zip line, is a really good way for the adventurous to experience some rush of adrenaline. Whether you want to zipline alone or with a company, Dubai Marina’s zip line, crux of this article, is a good fit. We advance.


Brought to you by XDubai in partnership with Emaar Malls, the XLine Dubai Marina (XDM) is a completely overwhelming zip line at the Dubai Marina. The height is 170 meters; the speed 80km/h and the ride in superman style. You get loads of fun, acrophobia notwithstanding. With its predecessor, the XLine at the Dubai Mall, being so successful, Xdubai could not but scale even more notches manifest in the introduction of a zip line that’s double in everything of the previous one. This means double electricity for riders.

Boasting two concurrently running zip lines, XDM lets two participants ride. So, who’re riding with? Your spouse, kid or friend?

By virtue of the two zip lines, XLine can accommodate 16 people per hour. 1km long, it shoots you from Amwaj towers in Jumeirah Beach Residences, from the height of 46 floors totaling 170 meters over skyscrapers, the water, the road and boats to the terrace of Dubai Marina Mall.

The ‘superman-style’ harness is sure to bring out the latent superhero in you. With this kind of harness, you ride prone. As regards video for the memory, a camera is attached to your helmet throughout the experience. A personalized video and photos will be sent to the email you registered with. It’s all fun.

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Is The XLine Safe To Ride?

According to the XLine team, the XLine is built and operated by highly qualified and globally certified teams. They carry out daily testing and regular maintenance of the line, making sure it’s always safe. Further, stringent stringently followed rules are in place to keep cases of fiasco at bay. For example, you’re weighed to make sure you’re paired up to a harness, helmet and trolley that’s suited to you. Then, you’re given a quick safety briefing before you set off. Where potential rider’s weight is unfavorable, they’re not allowed to ride the XLine.

XLine Dubai Marina Contact Information

Address: Dubai Marina
Phone: +971 56 507 6366
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Thur – Tue. This timing is tentative on the bases of season, weather and public holidays, however.

You are advised to arrive in time at the XLine booth in the Dubai Marina Mall at Level P to get registered by the XLine team. A valid ID such as passport, driving license or Emirates ID is required.

The following rules are requisite. A participant must be between 12 – 65 years old and must be taller than 130cm, weigh 50 to 100kg (110.231 – 220.462 lbs) and in good medical health. Your clothing must be modest and comfortable with closed shoes. Skirts, dresses, flip flops or any form of loose footwear aren’t allowed. Hair should be tied up, and large accessories like earrings, bracelets and superhero capes should be left at home.

The following group of persons are sadly not allowed to ride the XLine.

  • Pregnant women
  • People in a bad medical condition
  • People with injuries
  • People under the influence of anything such as alcohol that impairs the judgement.
  • People having physical or mental disorder
  • People not within the range of weight allowed
  • People not within the range of age allowed.

Ticket Information

Solo Ride: AED 650
Duo Ride: AED 1200
For booking click here or book at the Xline Booth in Dubai Marina Mall

You should note that the name you’re registering with must be the same as the one on your debit or credit card, if you’re purchasing your ticket with the card. It should also tally with your accepted means of identification.

A ticket is valid only for the person and the time specified. Ticket resale is strictly prohibited. In this way, see that you don’t buy your ticket from an unrecognized source.

Thoughts About The XLine

Kim23072016 (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Excellent experience
If you love good views and a bit of adrenaline [rush] you’ll love it. The staff was very professional and the service was good – felt very safe at all times. Experience is very short but sweet. You get plenty of pics and a video as well.

tiago32 (Porto, Portugal)
Amazing Experience, a must try!
A very worthy experience if you’re in the Dubai Marina and like some adrelanice paired with incredible views. The staff is very nice and they provide everything for you to have the best possible experience. Extra points for giving you all the photos and video of your experience for free at the end. A must try!

G4090EZbenh (London, United Kingdom)
Excellent, excellent, excellent
Very professional, excellent service from start to finish. I am personally extremely scared of heights… I have to say I am completely without regret, it was completely exhilarating and I was made to feel completely at ease which is quite honestly some feat.

Would definitely recommend, even if you’re scared of heights! Live a little and BOOK this!!!

HonestMrS (London, United Kingdom)
A Must If you’re visiting Dubai!
Easy Booking process. I want to highlight the host and the team at the top – they were all great and helped you commit to the experience, no matter how nervous you were. I screamed and was in awe of the views. A great way to remember my wife and I’s 4 year wedding anniversary. I say I screamed, but my ears are still ringing with her screaming!

When we finished – I wanted to go again!

Starbucks0213 (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
This was a very fun and exhilarating experience. A great view to the exploration of the marina. Very fast and cordial service from the staff. A must do!!

Freedom51010946243 (Amwaj Islands, Bahrain)
One of the best experience so far
I felt on top of the world. It was the best experience of my life. I am going to definitely visit and try xline again


Would highly recommend to anyone. All of the staff were lovely! Me and my brother did it together and it was something I will never forget.


Take the XLine ride if you want to get overwhelmingly trilled. Did you know that the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, reportedly took it with a nervous-looking Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum bin Juma, President of the UAE Padel Association.

After the ride, see that you return the camera fixed to your helmet along with the wristband so you can receive your video and pictures. If you’re sharing your experience which the XLine really appreciates, you should kindly use the following hashtag, #xline. Stay electrified!

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